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An establishment located in Ancol park specifically along the banks of Jakarta Bay. The PIER BY KALAHA gets its name from an illustration that like a Pier, the establishment is mostly located on top of a body of water. The PIER BY KALAHA has luxurious and artistic features that consist of 2 outdoor pontoon areas and also an indoor dining area. In addition, The PIER BY KALAHA has a swimming pool to cooldown during those hot days, a bar to have a drink or two and personal watercraft activities to keep the adrenaline running.

The PIER BY KALAHA offers amazing views of the bay with beautiful sceneries especially in the evening, with a slight breeze making hanging with collogues, spending time with family, have a romantic dinner, celebrate parties, have meetings and may more much more memorable and perfect. With a restaurant that accommodate up to 500 people, The PIER BY KALAHA offers a wide and delicious range of western food such as, Baked oysters, Seafood Platter, Fish and chips Pizzas and pastas. In addition to accommodate such delicious food, fresh beverages such as our signature Mocktail called “little Mermaid”, ice teas, fresh juice, cocktails and beer are perfect to make an unforgettable dining experience here at The PIER BY KALAHA.

Our Story

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